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Every business needs a website

Nowadays, your presence on the Internet is much more important than it was a decade ago. Today, when our time is scarce, people do everything to save as much time as possible. Finding out information about your business on the Internet is one of the things that your potential clients do. Regardless of the scale and type of your business, your presence on the Internet is absolutely crucial nowadays. 

The Internet and online shopping are spreading with lightning speed in all countries of the world. Be it developed, developing, or even poor countries, shopping, and business activities are already shifting to the virtual world. Globalization made our life easier and more convenient. We all should fully use the benefits of globalization to our advantage. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main reasons why your business needs a website. 

There is No Branding Without a Website

If you have a business and your intentions regarding this enterprise are serious and long-term, then, brand building should be on your list of must-do things. If you see at the list of the world'ss most successful and wealthy corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Bentley, Apple, General Motors, and etc., you will see that these companies have very powerful branding. Throughout several decades, these companies have been spending millions of dollars to build brands. Nowadays, they are enjoying high ROIs 9Results of Investments. 

Advertisement and promotions are good to kickstart your business enterprise. Online and offline ads also attract some attention of your potential clients. However, if you are interested in long term business success, then, brand building, is the best thing that you can do. 

Having a professional website instantly builds your presence in the business world. Having a gorgeous and impressive website will be your first step to build an attractive and recognizable brand. 

Get a Website to Earn Trust

I am an avid online shopper. eBay and Amazon are my two most favorite online stores. Frequently, I see loads of new products produced by unknown companies. I usually, Google these unknown brand names and try to find their websites. If there is a website dedicated to a particular brand and the web platform looks credible, it instantly earns my trust. On the opposite side, when I see that a brand name doesn't have a website or it is poorly built, I get a sense of revulsion and distrust.

If you love your business and treat it seriously, then, you should surely have a website to earn the trust of your potential clients. A professionally looking website earns the trust of people. Your business will look more credible and reputable with an impressive website. 

A Business Website is a Business Card

Even though the popularity of business cards are declining nowadays, they are still very popular. I don't see business cards disappearing in the nearest twenty years. Nonetheless, I see that business websites have already taken the role and place of business cards today. People visit business websites to find out more about the history, reputation, services, and prices of different businesses. Hence, a business website is a more advanced and informative business card. 

Your business needs a website because your clients want to find out more about your activities, services, and prices. Treat your business as a business card. 

It is important to understand that having a website isn't enough to level up your business. A poorly-built, ugly website will make a devastating effect on your brand and business. It is better not to have a website than have an unprofessional web page built by a random freelancer. Only a professional website by a reputable company can accomplish all the above -mentioned goals.

I have been building websites since 2010. Thus, I have ten years of experience in the field of web design and web development. I build websites for individual professionals and large multibillion corporations. The level of difficulty always varies, and accordingly, do the prices. Contact me and let me look at your business. I will analyze your business and suggest a type of website that will be more suitable for your business enterprise. Further, we can discuss the design and functionality of your website. Best prices are guaranteed! Feel free to contact me anytime you wish on WhatsApp or email.

Why Having a website is Crucial

As a professional marketer, I love working with professional web platforms such as websites. Bloggers and search engine optimization love websites. We like websites because they are more serious and demand more professional knowledge to launch and manage. On the opposite side, we have extremely popular social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Somehow, business pages on Instagram and Facebook create competition to website based businesses. 

I have a lot of clients around the world. I have witnessed that the majority of people started paying more attention to the presence of their business on Instagram for example. These are businesses that still don't have professional websites. Usually, they request to pump up their IG accounts, increase the number of followers, create ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. In other words, these individuals completely neglect the importance of a professional website for their business. This comes due to inexperience and lack of understanding. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main reasons why having a professional website is crucial for your business. 

Your Website is a Base of Your Business

You should understand that your potential clients and customers are interested in the history, values, and other information of your company. For example, whenever I see a new product offline or online, I will always try to find as much information about it as possible on the Internet. I know that loads of people have the same habit. Believe me, your clients and customers do the same thing. 

Where are your clients supposed to find information about your business? On Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube? You should understand that social networks were created for socializing, not for business presentations, and so on. For example, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that has been somehow transformed into a big marketplace. Nowadays, people come to Instagram to see ads and do other stuff. At the same time, Instagram will never give great functions of a professionally built website.

People want your business to have a website. They want to visit a web platform to find everything about your products and services. Your story, brand equity, prices, product catalogs, and other things should be published on your website. 

You Fully Control Your Web Platform

Nowadays, almost every business has official pages on social networks. It is great that you can present and promote your business on different web platforms. It is advantageous to have several sales funnels on the Internet. If Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube help your business, then, it is awesome. At the same time, you should understand that you have no control over these platforms. Anytime, if some of them wish, they can suspend and remove your accounts. 

Apart from being suspended or removed from social networks, you never fully control your reputation on these social networks. Your website is your property. You can control everything on your web platform. On social networks, you will have no control over haters, trollers, and competitors who might attack your business with ugly reviews. Hence, social networks might even damage your business.

Having a professional website is surely crucial for your business. These are just some of the arguments. If I start describing all the benefits and advantages of having a professional website, you won't have enough time to read that ebook. 

It is very important to carefully select the right web design and web development company for your website. Bahtiayr Digital is one of the world's leading companies in the field of web design and web development. When you order a website from me, you will have a long-term collaboration with my company. First, we identify the right design, then, we build a website, and further, maintain its security and content. Contact me whenever you decide to build a professional website for your business. Feel free to message me whenever you wish.