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Signs You Need Career Counseling

The majority of people choose their career path at a very early age when they don't know themselves. Usually, it happens when a young person chooses university and faculty. In other words, it happens between the ages of 17-19. These are years when a person is too young and not enough self-conscious. As a result, it happens that people make wrong career choices, and then, suffer their whole life. 

Sometimes, it seems like an already mature person is satisfied with his career choice. However, later in life, he/she understands that her job doesn't fulfill her/his dreams, ambitions, inclinations, and expectations. At this moment, a person faces a big crisis. It seems like it is too late to make any changes in professional life. Other who are enough courageous and independent realize that their early career choice was wrong and start making changes in their life. 

You belong to one of these groups of people. If you are carefully reading this blog post, it means that you need to make a career decision. You are either young and can't fully understand what career choice is better for you, or you are already a mature person who wants to make some big changes in her/his life. Career counseling services exist to help you make that important decision. Choosing a profession is not as easy as choosing a shampoo in your supermarket. Selecting a profession is the most important choice that you make in your life. Therefore, entrust your choice to professional experts. If you still doubt whether you need career counseling services, here are the major signs that you need career counseling. 

You Feel Like You Don't Know Yourself

Sometimes, we think that we know ourselves very well. It is a very deceptive feeling. In reality, we are ignorant of our talents, aptitudes, inclinations, psyche, and temperament. You might have passed some psychological tests to identify whether you are an introvert or extrovert, choleric or phlegmatic, and other similar labels. Believe me, these classifications lay on the tip of an iceberg. Only a professional psychologist can fully study and analyze your personality. On your own, you will make a lot of mistakes.

Thus, if you feel like you don't know yourself, then, you need a career counselor. To successfully select a profession, you will firstly need to know yourself very well. Knowing yourself is the most important knowledge required to choose the right profession. Your professional life should suit your personality and character. This is the only way you can be satisfied and happy. If you feel that you don't know yourself very well, then, this is the biggest sign that you undoubtedly need the professional services of an experienced career counselor. 

You Don't Know Your Life Goals

To make a proper career choice, you need to know your life goals. Some people have goals from early childhood or teenagehood, and they pursue their ambitions further. Other people are going with the flow. They might have some life goals, but they aren't fully conscious of them. In this state, it is impossible to make the right career choice. 

You need to precisely know what you want to achieve in your life. You need to have clear goals to select a profession that suits you the most. If you have problems identifying your goals, you will need to use career counseling services. Professional career experts will help you identify and set your life goals. When this phase is passed, a career counselor will start working on other aspects of the career counseling process. 

You Feel Like Your Job Doesn't Suit You

If you are a mature person, it is more than likely that you already have a profession and a job. Probably, you don't like your job and you feel that your professional activity doesn't suit your personality. If this is the case, then, you need a good career counselor to help you deal with this life problem. 

You feel that your job doesn't fit your personality, then, you have previously made a wrong career choice. You will never be satisfied with your work if you are doing something that you don't like. An experienced career counselor will help you identify the real cause of your dissatisfaction with your present professional occupation. Next, your career counselor will provide you with related advice and recommendations to eliminate this problem. 

You Feel That You Deserve More

Now, you have a regular job, you have a regular working schedule, and you get a regular salary. At the same time, you understand and think that you deserve much more than what you get. You always thought you were talented and gifted. You feel that your work and professional don't give you the fulfillment you always dreamt about. This is a clear sign that your professional occupation doesn't suit you. 

Professional career counselors are very perspicacious and smart people. They will help you choose the right profession after examining your education, talents, aptitudes, temperament, and inclinations. Thye will also help you get rid of the job you hate, and start a new professional career. Thus, if you feel that you deserve much more than what you are getting at your present working place, it means that you need to make another career choice. A good career counselor will help you do it. 

You Want to Explore New Professional Fields

If everything is okay with your career choice and you are somehow satisfied with your work, sometimes, people want to explore something new. A person might want to try himself/herself in new professional fields. You feel like you have a lot of talents and you are very gifted. Hence, you can succeed in multiple professional niches. It can happen if you don't lose focus. 

A professional career counselor will help you identify what additional professional markets will suit your education, aptitudes, inclinations, and expectations. Career counselors always follow the newest trends and they will suggest you best professional decisions that will be in high demand in the nearest future. 

Contact Me for Career Counseling

I am a professional career counselor with years of vivacious experience in this field. I am aware of all the discontent, issues, and questions people face in their professional life. If you are a young person who needs to select a professional career path, I will help you make the right choice. If you are a mature person who feels like there is something better for him/her in a professional meaning, I will help you make the necessary choice and professional transitions. Write me an email message or click the WhatsApp button on the lefts, and let's start the conversation. 

How Can a Business Coach Help Me?

If you look at the world's most successful and wealthiest people, you will see that the majority of them have business coaches. Even though these business celebrities have achieved more than anyone of us can even dream about, they still use valuable advice and recommendations of professional business coaches. It means that business moguls know something that most of us are ignorant about. 

If you are reading this blog post, then, probably you have a business and you want someone to coach and counsel you on certain peculiarities of your business culture. At the same time, you aren't fully certain whether a business coach can help you. Let me assure you that the absence of a professional business coach is a very crucial element that is preventing you from taking your business achievements to a new level. Right now, I will explain to you how exactly a business coach can help you. Even though there are dozens or even hundreds of benefits of having a business coach, I will try to make this blog post as short and informative as possible. 

A Business Coach Can Save Your Time

It is not a secret that more than 95% of businesspeople suffer from a lack of free time. In other words, their businesses and professional activity demand more time than they have. A person achieves wealth and professional success by selling his time. How many millionaires are there who don't have any free hours to spend with their families, children, and friends! How many financially successful people don't have any free time for reading and personal development. Lack of time is a global problem. Businesspeople are more susceptible to this issue.

Business coaches are very wise and smart people. They understand that there is much more in this life than business and money. A professional business coach will analyze your business routine and lifestyle. After a very thorough and deep analysis, your business coach will provide you with effective tips and recommendations on how to optimize and simplify your business in order to give you more free time, thereby giving you more freedom in your life. A good business coach will also look at your lifestyle, and come with good advice on how to make some decisive changes in order to provide you with more free time. Time is one of the most valuable things we have in our life. If you don't value it, then, you haven't fully understood its real meaning. Hire a smart business coach who will do great work to save your time. 

A Business Coach Will Counsel You

CEOs, directors, and managers also need advice and counseling. Unfortunately, when a businessman thinks of a person who could counsel him on business matters, nobody comes to his mind. You can read business bestsellers, watch business videos on YouTube, but nobody will give you specialized recommendations and advice specifically crafted for your business. 

Wise and smart people hire business coaches for counseling. Business coaches are well-read individuals with huge erudition. They are always aware of innovations and new business technologies. Thus, business coaches are the best sources of valuable information and profitable insights. It is somehow uncomfortable to ask for advice from your employees. Therefore, you need someone who knows more than you about business. A business coach will always answer your questions and supply you with valuable advice. 

A Business Coach Will Motivate You

We all need the motivation to develop and advance. People with excess of ambitions are always well-motivated. On the opposite side, people whose intrinsic motivation is weak need someone to constantly encourage and motivate them. Otherwise, these people lose their drive to succeed. Even the world's most ambitious personalities can suffer from a lack of motivation if nobody encourages and stimulates them.

Successful people hire professional business coaches to motivate and stimulate them. A business coach will carefully analyze your life values and priorities, and thus, will find the most powerful points to motivate and stimulate you for further achievements and advancements. Business coaches are perspicacious psychologists. A good business coach will be able to motivate even Napoleon after the defeat at Waterloo. If you lack motivation and some extrinsic motivation, an experienced business coach will readily fix this problem. 

A Business Coach Will Improve Your Health

It sounds somehow funny and maybe weird since business coaches aren't doctors, but a good business coach can really improve your mental and physical health. How is it possible? Wrong business culture and habits put a lot of pressure (psychological and physical pressure) on businesspeople. By eliminating various stress factors, business coaches can significantly improve your well-being. 

If you are always nervous because of different factors such as incompetent employees, manufacturing errors, incompetent business partners, etc., it means that there is something wrong with your business routine. You might be a good business manager, but you are surely a terrible manager of your timetable and activities. Even though a lucrative business can bring a lot of financial profit, there is a big drawback in managing big businesses.  Leading large enterprises put you under constant pressure. Business coaches monitor and analyze your business culture and routine. They will quickly recognize and eliminate all the factors that put you under constant mental and physical pressure. This is another significant reason to hire a competent business coach. 

A Business Coach Will Help You Improve Your Business

If you are a head of a business, it might be difficult or almost impossible to see what can be done and eliminated to take your business to new heights. You look at your business from an internal point of view. You are inside the box. Therefore, successful people hire business coaches to see how their business looks from an external point of view. A professional business coach will look at your business and expertly analyze it both externally and internally. 

You might be a person of habit, but it is crucial to make changes and bring innovations into your business to survive and prevail in today's competitive business world. It isn't surprising why your enterprise is stuck at the same point during a long period of time. You see no tools and ways to improve it. A business coach with a lot of vivid experience will undoubtedly find a lot of options to advance and improve your business. 

A Business Coach Will Point to Your Mistakes

It is a big advantage if self-criticism is one of your qualities. Otherwise, if you are unable to see your own mistakes and you hate when others criticize you, you are on a straight road to degradation and stagnation. Constructive criticism is a very beneficial thing that will make you stimulated.

If you are a CEO, a director, or a manager, it is not surprising that nobody criticizes you and nobody is pointing to your mistakes. Since you are the boss of your enterprise, your employees simply don't want to get fired. It doesn't mean that you aren't making any mistakes in your business practices. This is why multimillionaires hire business coaches. 

A business coach will frankly point to your mistakes. He will tell you what is wrong and right in your business practices and management. It is his work to improve you, and if constructive criticism does the work, then, your business coach will use it to develop and improve you. 

Get in Touch With Me to Coach You

I am leading several successful businesses worldwide. Also, I have been helping individual entrepreneurs and big companies improve their financial incomes and take their businesses to new heights. I am a professional business coach with a wide worldview, erudition, and knowledge in different things. It is my pleasure to help people develop, succeed, and prosper. Press the WhatsApp button on the left or write me an email message. Let's start the work!

How can a life coach help me?

You have heard about life coaches, and you know that your favorite celebrities also use the services of life coaches. If you live in a developed country, then, probably you have met some life coaches in your real life. If you are reading this blog post, it means that you have no experience of using life coaching services. No wonder why you asking yourself whether a life coach can help you improve your life. 

Life coaches are doctors of souls and minds. These professionals are much more than psychologists and psychotherapists. Life coaches are people with huge erudition in different sciences and fields of life. These individuals are naturally perspicacious and extremely conscious. Their innate qualities and professional knowledge help people improve the quality of their lives. In this blog post, I will tell you how a life coach can help you improve your life. 

A Life Coach Will Help You Set Your Goals

Losing your vision and focus is one of the most terrible things that can happen to you in your life. People without goals and ambitions are usually very stressed and apathetic. Life crises can happen during different periods of your life. Some people think that a life crisis is a problem for mature people. This is wrong. Even teenagers can face a life crisis. I had a life crisis when I was 20. When it happens, a person loses his vision, focus, and goals. 

At first, a life coach will identify your problem. If you have no focus, lost your motivation, and have no ambitions, then, there is a problem between your mind and reality. Usually, this happens when your vision of yourself doesn't resemble who you are in the present. When your problem is identified, your life coach will help you set your goals and create a new vision of yourself. Life coaches use different types of techniques to help you envision your new identity, life goals, and focus. 

A Life Coach Will Destroy Your Fears

All people have fears. Even the world's most successful people have fears. These fears are not necessarily irrational phobias. Sometimes, our fears are fully rational and logically approved. However, in most cases, the majority of our fears are irrational. They come deep from our unconscious minds. When you don't deal with your fears and let them preoccupy your mind, they will finally paralyze your mind. You can forget about professional success and happiness in your personal life when your mind is dominated by fears. 

A good life coach will quickly find your fears, and also, identify their unconscious sources. Sometimes, our fears come from our early childhood, past frustrations, unfulfilled dreams, and goals, etc. Your life coach will declare war on your fears, and finally, destroy them. This will set you free. 

A Life Coach Will Improve Your Self-Estimation

People tend to underestimate themselves. We worth more than we think of ourselves. Mass media, social media, and other sources of mass influence insist that we must estimate ourselves by the amount of money we have accumulated. This is a fully materialistic and cynical attitude towards yourself. You worth more than you earn. All people have psychological complexes. We aren't always satisfied with ourselves. Acute self-criticism is beneficial for our development and advancement. However, it is dangerous when you begin severely criticizing yourself. 

An experienced life coach will easily notice your self-estimation problems. If these problems are adequate and reasonable, your life coach will motivate you to improve in these fields. Oppositely, if your fears have no rational roots, a life coach will improve your estimation. A life coach will use practical and effective methods to improve your self-estimation. 

A Life Coach Will Help You Adapt to New Changes

Often, while facing big life changes, people get depressed while trying to adapt to new changes. Usually, these changes are negative. People easily adapt to good things. On the other hand, negative things require strong willpower to adapt. At the same time, even big positive changes can destroy people. We have seen famous and rich people getting destroyed by huge fame and wealth. Therefore, big changes always require adaptation.

Always, it is very difficult and almost impossible to cope with big changes without professional help. Some people visit psychotherapists to solve their problems. As a result, they get more problems. Professional psychologists are very cold people. Instead of helping you, they can worsen your psychological state of mind. 

A life coach with years of experience will easily help you adapt to new life changes. Whether these are positive or negative changes, a good life coach knows what to do to provide you with adaptational help.

A Life Coach Will Help You Fix Your Life

to be fully happy and satisfied, all spheres of your life have to be in a good condition. Becoming immensely wealthy whilst your personal life suffers will never make you happy. At the same time, living in poverty with your beloved soul mate isn't going to make you satisfied with your life. To harmonize your life in a way to make you content with the quality of your life, all fields of your life should be in a good state. Otherwise, you will constantly suffer. 

A professional life coach will assess the quality of your life through a wheel of life. If some of the spheres of your life aren't good enough, your life coach will help you improve your life in those very spheres. Sometimes, a person is rich but has no success in intimate relationships. Sometimes, a person does well in all fields of his/her life, but he/she has no free time to spend with her.his kids. Everything should be harmonized. A professional life coach will help you in this field.

Life Coaches are Good Listeners

Sometimes, a person needs someone to counsel and talk with. Keeping your emotions and pain within yourself is extremely difficult. It is good if you have someone who can listen to your problems, understand, and encourage you. Unfortunately, nowadays, people are too busy to listen to your complaints and problems. People are very selfish and cynical. 

A life coach can become your friend. In the beginning, your conversations are somehow formal. But later, your relationships with your life coach can go beyond formal and professional borders. If such a person becomes your friend, you will always have someone to talk with, share your fears and frustrations. Life coaches are very good interlocutors and listeners. These people will carefully listen to everything you say and understand you better than anyone else. 

These are some of the ways a life coach can help you. Do not underestimate the importance and benefits of hiring a life coach. No matter how smart and successful you are, a professional life coach will always find a lot of space for you to develop and improve.

Contact Me For Life Coaching

I have been coaching men and women for over five years. People of different backgrounds, countries, and financial incomes use my life coaching services to improve their lives. I have already helped hundreds of people, and my goal is to help thousands to live more fulfilling, meaningful, and satisfactory lives. Click the WhatsApp button on the left or write me an email message, and let's have a conversation. 

Do I Need a Business Coach

Professional responsibilities grow with the growth of your business. When you are starting a business, you can manage and administer it on your own. This model of business is hustle-free. You don't need to hire people, manage your team, educate your employees, and do other stuff. This type of freedom and carelessness is available only at the beginning stages of your enterprise. You have fewer responsibilities, but your business makes a smaller profit. On the other end, we have a very profitable business that employs hundreds or even thousands of people that will require your full time and energy. 

Business owners always want their businesses to grow. When they achieve desired growth, some of these entrepreneurs recognize that their business consumes their whole life. Even though financial profits are huge now, business people have to pay with their time, nerves, mental health, and personal life. If a business person arrives at this state, he/she starts understanding that it is necessary to make some changes. A lot of businesspeople hire professional business coaches who help them manage their businesses more efficiently. If you are reading this blog post, you have likely been thinking about hiring a business coach for some time. Right now, I will tell you about the main signs that you need a business coach. 

You Feel Lack of Time

Feeling a lack of free time is the first sign that you are dangerously overwhelmed with your professional life. You feel like you don't have any free time for your personal life. Your wife and children complain that you don't spend any time with them. You feel like your kids are growing without you. How many years ago did you read a book? You aren't learning anything new. Thus, you are stagnating and degrading intellectually and spiritually. 

If you feel that your business is sucking your lifetime, then, you need a business coach to fix and adjust your business practices. It is dangerous to be fully overwhelmed with your professional life. Finally, this lifestyle will make you stressed, depressed, and consequently, ill. Be careful! Get the professional help of an experienced business coach to get your business habits fixed. 

You Need Someone to Consult With

You feel like you need someone knowledgeable, experienced, and perspicacious to consult with. You don't want to consult and discuss business things with your employees, and your wife can't advise you anything reasonable. You need a wise person to talk about business, consult, get his advice, and recommendations. 

If you feel that such a helpful counselor lacks in your life, then, you need to hire a professional business coach. A business coach will look at your business from different angles and perspectives. He will notice loads of meticulous and even obvious details that you aren't recognizing right now. Information and knowledge are priceless. If you can get a professional business coach counseling you on business matters, then, success is surely guaranteed. 

You Need Some Extrinsic Motivation

There are two types of motivations: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is a type of motivation that originates from your life priorities, values, goals, and even psychological complexes. This is a type of motivation that is innate. Nobody can instill it in you. You either consciously approve and accept or refute and decline something. Consequently, some things become your priorities, and other things don't have a place in your heart. 

Extrinsic motivation is a type of motivation that is external. It comes from external sources. A parent motivating his kid to study well at school, a trainer motivating an athlete, your society stimulating people to a certain line of behavior can be classified as external motivating factors. 

Sometimes, a person might lack intrinsic motivation or it may be very weak. Such people need someone to encourage and motivate them for further advancements and achievements. Business coaches know how to motivate businesspeople. If you feel like everything is hopeless or meaningless and you can't find a strong motivation to develop in your business sphere, then, you need a professional business coach to supply you with powerful portions of extrinsic motivation. 

You Are Constantly Nervous

Your physical and mental health should be your main life priorities. A physically and mentally ill person is unable to enjoy his millions of dollars, luxurious mansions, and sports cars. If you get rich by sacrificing your health, then, you have done a terrible bargain. 

If you feel that you are constantly nervous because of different factors and reasons such as unproductive employees, annoying tax collectors, low incomes, etc., then, you need an experienced business coach to make some changes in your business culture. 

You Aren't Making Any Innovations

Regardless of your business niches, you should always bring some innovations to your business model. Clocks are ticking and new technologies are invented every year. If you don't renew and modernize your business, then, you need a business coach to convince you of the necessity of modernizations. 

If you haven't brought anything new into your business during the last several years, it means that your thinking is stagnating. I bet that your competitors have already beaten you. Modern businesses require innovative minds. Hire a professional business coach to tell you about your mistakes. 

You Don't Accept ANy Criticism

If you are the boss of your business, then, there is nobody to criticize you for your professional and business mistakes. Usually, your employees will keep silent in order not to get fired. Otherwise, you would hear a lot of negative words to your address. What is more, if you lack self-criticism, it means that your business is overwhelmed with your mistakes. 

Every businessman or businesswoman needs a business coach to remind them about their mistakes. Every business coach needs his/her work, and therefore, they won't afraid of telling truth to your face. They will criticize, improve, stimulate you without being afraid of your opinion. 

These are some of the main signs that you need a business coach. If you see the above-mentioned signs in your life, then, get yourself a knowledgeable and experienced business coach. Business coaching might not be the cheapest service, however, it will definitely pay off in long term. 

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I am a business with over 5 years of professional experience. I have been successfully coaching directors, managers, directors, CEO of big corporations, and owners of small enterprises. My experience and deep knowledge will benefit your business and life. Click the WhatsApp button on the left, and let's have a conversation.

Do I Need a Life Coach

An ideal and perfect life exists only in movies, novels, and fairy tales. In reality, our life has black and white lanes. We all face tribulations, frustrations, betrayals, and all other different disasters in our life. Usually, youthful idealism gets broken down when something truly terrible happens. Sometimes, it might be the loss of your beloved person, bankruptcy, severe illness, and other things that don't let us be fully happy and satisfied. 

People tolerate frustration, depression, and disappointment differently. Some people are patient enough to go through all the heartbreaking life trials. Others break down, sink into severe depressions, and commit suicides. In my opinion, even the strongest people need a professional life coach to guide them during decisive moments in their life. If you aren't sure whether you need a life coach or not, you will find the answer in this blog post. Here are some of the main signs that you need a life coach. 

You Have No Vision

Right now, I am not talking about physical vision. Oculists treat vision problems. I am talking about psychological and mental vision. Sometimes, during different stages of your life, you can lose your vision of yourself as a personality in your society. This is a terrible thing. You feel like you are lost and can't find yourself a place in your family, society, city, etc.

Losing a life vision is a life crisis. This means that you have a self-identification and self-actualization problem. Maybe you don't fit your society or community. There might be a lot of other reasons why you have lost your vision. Losing vision is one of the main signs that you urgently need the help of a professional life coach. 

Fear is Paralyzing You

People afraid of different things. Sometimes, we afraid of snakes, spiders, darkness, diseases, death, and unpredictability. You might not have a specific phobia, however, there are dozens if not hundreds of different fears that can fully paralyze your mind and psyche. People feal unknown things. People make plans because they are scared of an unpredictable future. 

If fear is paralyzing you, then, we will need to deal with it. If left untreated, your fears can result in terrible outcomes such as loneliness, unemployment, suicidal attempts, relationship problems, etc. If your mind is paralyzed by fears, then, you surely need the professional help of an experienced life coach. 

You Have Self-Estimation Problems

We are not ideal, and we all have different psychological complexes. I also have loads of complexes, and my self-estimation is not at the highest level. Nowadays, in the era of social media, we are all bombarded by photos and news of celebrities who are immensely rich and physically attractive. Comparing ourselves to them, we might feel somehow inferior. What is more, different psychological and physical traumas may cause self-estimation problems. 

If you feel that your self-estimation isn't at a good level, then, you need a professional life coach to fix your thoughts about yourself. 

You Are Facing Big Changes

Your life has turning points and transitions. Everything changes. We don't notice minor changes in our life. On the other hand, big changes in our life make us confused, worried, and uncertain. It is good if you can adapt to these changes. Otherwise, people get stressed and depressed when put beyond their comfort zone. 

It is extremely difficult to go through serious life changes alone. Most people will need the help of an understanding life coach to deal with big life transitions. This is another big sign that you need a life coach. 

You Can't Identify Your Goals

Sometimes, people lose motivation in personal and professional life. The worst scenario is when a person loses the motivation to continue living. This happens not because a person has achieved everything he was dreaming about. Loss of motivation is a sign of psycho-social problems. Due to your environment or your mind settings, you can lose focus and motivation at any point in your life. 

If you feel that you have lost your focus and you can't identify your life goals, then, you need the professional help of a good life coach. A life coach will help you identify your life goals and find motivation for further development. 

These are some of the major signs that you need a life coach to fix all the mess in your mind and life. You can work hard and try to make your psychoanalysis, but you will eventually fail. Every craft has its own master. When you have a toothache, you will visit a dentist because you can't treat your teeth on your own. A dentist has all the necessary knowledge and tools to fix your teeth. When it comes to the health of your mind and soul, life coaches are owners of this craft. Entrust your life problems to a professional life coach who will help you fix them.

Contact Me to Help You

I am a professional life coach who has helped hundreds of people during the most difficult and stressful moments of their life. My clients are women and men of different ages. I help young people choose their destination, and I help mature individuals understand and realize what is being wrong in their life. Click the WhatsApp button on the left, and let's have a conversation.

How Much SEO Services Cost

Search Engine Optimization is one of the main services I provide. When I was just starting my career as a digital expert, SEO was the only service that I was providing those days. Further, I started expanding the horizons of my business. I have more than 5 years of experience in the field of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you already have a business website, now, it is time to promote it and attract potential clients. As you already know, SEO is the best way to get converting visitors to your website. In this blog post, I will tell you how much do my SEO services cost.

The SEO Price Will Depend on Your Niche

SEO is an online marketing war and competition between billions of different web pages. Nowadays, everyone knows about SEO, and everyone knows how effective and beneficial it is. Therefore, entrepreneurs, online and offline enterprises hire SEO experts to dominate on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Hence, the competition is very wild and tough.

The SEO price will depend on how competitive your niche is. Online business, fitness, and travel are a few examples of competitive niches. Fitness and travel companies spend millions of dollars on SEO to be on top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines. If you really want to beat your competitors in your niche, then, you will need to spend generously on SEO. 

While evaluating your business, I will look at how competitive your niche is. For this, I conduct marketing researches, keyword research, and competitive analysis. Only then, I will be able to tell you the exact price of my SEO prices. 

SEO Audit is Cheap and Affordable

Before we start doing SEO, we will need to diagnose and analyze your website. To do this, we will carry out a thorough SEO audit. This audit will examine your website design, speed, H1 – H2 – H3 headings, on-page, and off-page SEO, Moz, Semrush, and Majestic analysis. Depending on the complexity of your business niche and website, an SEO audit will cost around 200$-500$. 

SEO audit is a necessary element of SEO. Without doing it, I won't be able to know what has to be fixed and done during the SEO process. SEO audit is cheap and affordable. I am sure everyone interested in SEO can afford to pay for an SEO audit. 

Pricing Comes After SEO Audit

Exact diagnosis is crucial to understand what SEO work has to be done to put your business in top positions. When an SEO audit is completed, the scale of further SEO work will be visible. Thus, I will be able to set an adequate price for my work. 

Contact Me for SEO

Regardless of your familiarity with SEO, contact me regarding your website. I will analyze it, make an SEO audit, and tell you what we need to do to place you on Google's top positions. Click the WhatsApp button on the left, and say 'Hello'.

Effective SEO price

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best online marketing tools. SEO has numerous advantages. It might be more expensive than paid advertising, but SEO is better than all other types of online marketing in the long perspective. If you don't know about SEO benefits, then, you should read this article. Right now, I will tell you how much does effective SEO cost.

The Price Depends on Your Niche

First of all, SEO is a very complicated and complex process. It is impossible to make an effective search engine optimization in a few weeks. SEO requires months of hard work. Partly, SEO price will depend on how competitive your niche is. If your niche isn't competitive, then, it will take less time to rank your website. Oppositely, if your niche isn't competitive, an SEO expert or an SEO company will need less time and work to put your website on Google's top positions. 

Effective SEO requires work and time. Very competitive niches such as online business, Internet marketing, fitness, and travel require a lot of time and hard work to rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Consequently, SEO specialists will frankly tell you that it will take some time to rank your website on Google. If your business niche has low competition, then, effective SEO can be done within a smaller timeframe.

Quality SEO is Never Cheap

 If you are planning to go to Fiverr and buy some highly ranked 5$ SEO gigs to make SEO for your website, then, you probably don't know anything about high-quality SEO. Fiverr gigs will give you nothing except wasted time and money. Quality SEO is never cheap. To get effective SEO done, you will need to hire an experienced SEO expert or SEO company. These specialists will implement an individual approach towards your business.

Some SEO experts charge an hourly fee. Others charge a monthly fee during a period of several months. There are also SEO professionals who charge one-time payment to get your SEO done. Most SEO companies will charge 1000$ up to several thousands of dollars during a period of 6 months (an optimal timeframe for SEO to show results). This fee will include everything; content creation, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, backlinks building, competitive analysis, keyword research, and other aspects of professional SEO. 

SEO Might Cost Six Figures

If you are a large company or a corporation in a very competitive niche, then, you will need to get the best SEO experts working on your project. It will be wiser and cheaper for you to hire an SEO expert on a yearly contract. Usually, experienced SEO professionals will charge a six-figure salary to get them working only on your project for a specific period of time. 

Companies like Amazon, eBay, and other online moguls who prevail on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) hire SEO professionals on yearly contracts. These experts are well-paid, and they are ready to commit their full time and energy working on a single project during a year or several years. 

If you are starting a business or your budget is low, it is better for you to hire SEO professionals on a monthly basis. It will cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. Effective SEO lets you save money on paid advertising. SEO is expensive. However, it is more cost-effective in the long term.

Contact Me for Effective SEO

I have more than 5 years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization. I have been helping big companies and individual entrepreneurs optimize their websites and dominate Google. My pricing is flexible. First, I will look at your business niche. Then, I will analyze the current quality of your website. Finally, I will tell you the price to carry out effective SEO for your website. 

Use Paid Advertising

Today, almost all types of businesses have websites. Both offline and online enterprises have websites to present their business, attract clients, show their prices, and client testimonials. Not surprisingly, every website needs visitors. Otherwise, a web platform is just a useless web page among billions of other pages on the Internet. 

Every entrepreneur who attracts clients through business websites is concerned about web traffic. You can somehow do a lot of hard work and get a couple of visitors from social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. However, better converting will usually come through other channels. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main reasons why you should use paid advertising.


There are a few traffic sources through which you can attract clients on your website and social media channels. The main web traffic sources are search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, AOL, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, and others. There is also direct web traffic which means that people directly type your domain name in their browsers to access your website. Usually, only famous, popular, and well-established websites get a lot of direct web traffic. 

As you have already understood, search engine and social traffic are the main types of web traffic that you can get at the beginning of your growth. Search Engine Optimization costs a lot of money and requires a lot of time. Getting free web traffic from social networks also requires a lot of great content, and consequently, a lot of money, time, and hard work. 

Paid advertising is cheaper and faster than the above-mentioned ways of getting visitors to your website. You simply set up your paid ad, enter your daily budget, and immediately, your ads will start showing on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Paid advertising delivers very fast results. Thus, if you have already set up your business website, you should start using paid advertising to get immediate results with minimum efforts and time. 


No doubt, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to attract potential clients to your website in long-terms. Nonetheless, SEO is very expensive and time-consuming. If you aren't a professional SEO expert, you won't be able to make a professional SEO for your website. SEO requires years of studying and experience. Therefore, you will need to hire a professional SEO agency or an expert. They will charge thousands of dollars every month. 

Attracting website visitors from social networks is a hard task. You will need to regularly create and update content on your website to achieve this goal. This will require a lot of time and hard work. Hiring a professional social media manager might not be an available option for a starting business. 

Paid advertising is the cheapest option to drive high-quality traffic to your website. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to run an ad campaign. With paid advertising, you can set your daily budget as low as 2$ a day, and you will start getting highly converting website visitors every day. 


When you get website visitors from social networks and other sources, you will usually get a lot of different people on your web platform. Some of these people are interested in your business and want to buy your services and products. On the other hand, you will find out that the majority of them are just curious folks who accidentally stumbled upon your website. 

While using paid advertising, you will get only targeted visitors on your website. These people are very likely to convert into your clients. With this marketing option, you will avoid all the unnecessary people who might otherwise browse your website. 


Bahtiyar Digital is an international company providing its services around the world. Paid advertising is one of our main services. Nowadays, in the age of search engine and social networks, we perfectly understand that paid advertising is the most efficient way to increase your sales and profit. We have helped hundreds of people and companies set and successfully run paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and other websites. 

Contact us, tell us about your business, and we will advise you on the best online platform to run profitable paid ad campaigns. We will analyze your business, find the best keywords, and target the right people to make your ads efficient. 

career counseling

Our happiness depends on a variety of different factors. Professional success, success in relationships, and good health are some of the things that impact the level of our happiness. Unquestionably, we spend most of our time at work. Thus, our professional activity preoccupies the biggest part of our life. If you have chosen the right professional activity, then, you will enjoy your time. Otherwise, if you hate what you do for a living, your life will be hell-like. This is why it is crucial to choose a professional activity that suits your interests, personality, inclinations, and talents. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main benefits of career counseling that will help you choose the right business activity. 

Career Counseling Will Acknowledge You with Yourself

In reality, we don't know much about ourselves. We think we know ourselves. However, our knowledge is always biased, unrealistic, and exaggerated. Self-analysis is a good thing if you have a lot of knowledge of psychology. Otherwise, you can make a lot of wrong conclusions. It is crucial to know yourself to understand what professional activity suits you the most. 

When you get professional career counseling services, you will get professional help from career consulting experts. These people are good psychologists and analysts. You will get specific written tests, and also have a personal conversation with a career consulting expert. A career counseling expert needs to understand your psyche and personality to provide you with the best career recommendations. 

Hence, the main benefit of getting career counseling services is getting to know yourself. By the end of the career counseling process, you will learn a lot of new and unexpected things about yourself. And of course, you will understand what professional activities will satisfy you the most in your life. 

Career Counseling Will Save Your Time

In the modern world, people have to spend several years studying to get a professional education. Usually, students spend 5 years to get high education. Others extend their study up to 10 years and more to get a professional diploma. It is great if a person has chosen the right profession that fits his inclinations, talents, and personality. Otherwise, if a profession was chosen wrongly, then, this person is merely wasting his life. 

Professional career counseling services will save you time. A career counseling expert will clearly explain to you which professional activities and businesses are better for you. This knowledge will let you make the best decisions. As a result, you will save yourself from time-consuming mistakes. 

Career Counseling Will Make You Happy

The ultimate goal of career counseling is to assist you in choosing the most fulfilling and satisfactory profession for you. While analyzing your case, professional career counseling experts will take into consideration dozens of different factors. Career counselors carefully analyze modern business trends and predictions to find out about the best professions that will be in high demand in the nearest future. These experts study your childhood inclinations, talents, advantages, knowledge, temperament, character, and personality to provide you with the best career recommendations. 

These are some of the main benefits of getting professional career counseling services. I don't want to make this article longer by explaining other advantages of career counseling. No doubt, career consulting is a very helpful and crucial service in the busy modern world. 

As a multipotentialite with a lot of different interests, talents, and inclinations, I know how it feels when you can't find your professional place. We can guess, gamble, play, suspect, but we surely need to have deep psychological knowledge to understand ourselves. Unfortunately, 99% of people don't really know themselves. These people should use high-quality career counseling services to make the right career decisions. 

I am a professional career counselor with a lot of years of experience in this field. I have been helping young and already mature people make changes and adjustments in their professional lives. My recommendations and tips helped improved the lives of dozens if not hundreds of people worldwide. 

If you hesitate to make a career choice or you feel like your current professional activity doesn't suit you, contact me on WhatsApp or through my personal email. I will provide you with the best career consulting help at an affordable price. My knowledge will help you choose the best profession or business designed for your personality. 

Life coaching

The art of living is the most complex and sophisticated art and subject in our life. We know how to solve difficult mathematic equations, construct different machines, fly to space, and do other technically demanding activities. Nonetheless, the majority of us still don't know how to have a proper, psychologically, and physically healthy lives. Even though financial success is crucial for the overall happiness of a person, there are a lot of other aspects of our life that require our attention. 

A professional business coach is an expert in the art of living. Even though life coaching is a relatively new thing, these professionals are becoming more popular. Life coaches are more prevalent in developed and wealthy countries. In the majority of developing and poor countries, people can't afford life coaching services which seems for them quite unnecessary. These people have loads of basic and primitive needs that are not yet satisfied. On the opposite side, affluent Western countries are in great need of expert life coaches. If you decided to hire a life coach, then, you made the best decision of your life. Right now, I will tell you about the ways a good life coach can improve the quality of your life. 

A Life Coach will Analyze the Quality of Your Life

Money is not everything. The majority of modern people think that money can make them happy. Yes, material possesions such as expensive cars, luxurious accessories make us more satisfied at the beginning. Nonetheless, this feeling of satisfaction fades away very quickly. A big vacuum comes in its places, and a person starts sinking into s deep depression. Thus, all parts of a person's life should be equally optimized and satisfied in order to be happy.

A professional life coach will evaluate and analyze different aspects of your life: your personal life, family life, professional life, health, self-actualization, relationships with friends and colleagues and friends, your life priorities, and etc. When the analysis is finished, an expert life coach will make you more conscious about the parts of your life that require your attention and work. 

A Life Coach Will Help You Improve Your Life

When the first phase – the analysis and evaluation of the quality of your life are done, your life coach will walk you through the second stage in the process of life coaching. A life coach is not a mentor. He can only recommend and advise you, but he can't force you. In other words, a life coach is not a disciplinarian. If you fail to do his recommendations, he will always correct and guide you. However, your progress will fully depend on the strength of your willpower. 

After a careful analysis of different aspects of your life, your life coach will single out those parts of your life that need improvements the most. Next, he will supply you with the best tips on how to equalize the wheel of your life. This process is not fast. It will take some time, but in the end, you will become a more satisfied and accomplished person. 

A Life Coach Will Stimulate You in the Process

It isn't enough to find out what you need to improve in your life, and then, start improving it. Every person needs external stimulation and encouragement. This is why life coaches exist. No person is strong and disciplined enough to constantly keep track of his goals and objectives on the surface of his conscious mind. This is where life coaches are most helpful.

Usually, you will make a long-term contract with your life coach. In the process, you will become friends. Your coach will constantly analyze and monitor your progress, and further, motivate and stimulate you for new achievements.

Hire a Professional Life Coach

I have been coaching businessmen, politicians, athletes from different countries of the world. Regardless of your professional activity, I can easily identify what lacks in your life and what prevents you from feeling fully fulfilled, accomplished, and satisfied. Together, we will start the work on improving all aspects of your life. Fell free to contact me on my WhatsApp or my personal email address. I will be waiting for your message!