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Public Speaking

You or your company planning a serious professional even, and now, you need to somehow increase the prestige of this event. You can prepare the most expensive decorations, meals, gifts, and other things, but you should understand that certain people will raise the prestige of your event much better than anything else. It is wiser to spend a couple of thousands of dollars to hire a professional public speaker knowledgable on the topic of your event than waste dozens of thousands of dollars on decorations and other unrelated stuff. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main qualities that you should look for while searching for an expert public speaker. 

An Expert Public Speaker is Always Confident

A lot of event managers make the mistake of hiring amateur public speakers who lack confidence when it comes to public speaking. Dale Carnegie once said that public speaking is one of the scariest things a person can face in -t his life. For a person without any public speaking experience, speaking in public might look very scary. No doubt, this person will fail at the beginning of his speaking career.

A professional public speaker has a lot of self-confidence. He is confident because years of speaking in public taught him to control his emotions. Secondly, and experienced public speaker has a lot of knowledge on the topic of his coming speech, and consequently, this also makes him confident. If I was to make a speech on the topic of biochemistry, I would be worried because I am not competent in this field. Hence, a professional public speaker is confident because he is experienced in public speaking and competent in the topic of his speech. 

Event managers and those people, who are responsible for hiring and inviting public speakers, should deal only with confident public speakers. An audience instinctively feels whether a speaker is confident or not. If a person is worried, his emotional state will directly affect the quality of his speech. Hence, the first rule of hiring public speakers – 'Look for confident public speakers!'

Hire Experienced and Knowledgable Public Speakers

After confidence and speaking skills, knowledge and experience are the two most important criteria that make a professional public speaker. There are public speakers with huge erudition who can equally successfully speak on a variety of different topics such as psychology, international politics, online business, marketing, sex, and etc. A great public speaker is not always an expert with narrow expertise and niche. 

Before hiring a public speaker for your event, find out what topics your potential speaks can speak about. If a professional public speaker tells you that he is capable of speaking on a variety of various topics, you shouldn't doubt it. There are multipotentialites who are called as polymaths. These people have immense knowledge and insights on various sciences and topics. Such a person is a universal public speaker who can speak on almost any topic. 

A Good Public Speaker is Always Engaging

No matter how much information and research data a public speaker is presenting, nobody will listen to his speech if he sounds boring. There are people who are more emotional, and there are those who are less emotional but more logical. A qualified public speaker knows how to engage all types of individuals. 

While hiring a public speaker for your event, you should look for a person whose speeches are engaging. These experts know how to intrigue their public. Sometimes, they use controversy in their speeches to ignite the emotions of their public. 

These are some of the most important qualities a professional public speaker must possess. If you exclude even one of these criteria, a public speaker won't be a professional speaker anymore. Pay attention to these characteristics to successfully hire great speakers who will transform your event into a big sensation. 

I am a professional public speaker with years of speaking on a variety of different topics such as business, online business, personal development, relationships between men and women, international travel, sex, psychology, philosophy, and a lot of other themes. All my free time, I read books to increase and improve the level of my erudition and the amount of my knowledge. I am also highly qualified in the art of public speaking. I know how to engage my public and convey my speeches in a way that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. 

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Public Speaking

Nowadays, there are loads of public speakers in the world. They all make speeches on different topics. Some of them are invited to special events to speak. Even though the number of public speakers is rising every year, the quality of speeches is not always good. It is easy to make a good speech. Great speeches are rare. Great speeches are remembered forever. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main things that make a great speech. 

The Personality of the Speaker

The personality of the speaker is one of the main things that make a powerful impact on the quality of speech. Two different people can be speaking on the same topic, say the same speech, but the quality will be completely different. No matter how professionally a speech was composed and carried out, its quality and effect will always be very low if the speaker is not good enough. 

Charismatic people usually make great speeches regardless of the way they conduct their speeches. Look at Martin Luter King, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama. All these individuals have a lot of charisma. No matter what they say, their speech always reaches its targets. Thus, the personality of a speaker makes a great impact on the overall quality and success of the speech. 

Relation of a Speech to the Speaker

It is very important that a speaker talks about something important to him. You can be a professional speaker, but if you don't care about the topic of your speech, then, your speech will never be great. Great speeches are always made by people who feel the theme of their speech. 

Whenever a speaker conducts a speech, the topic of his speech must be important for him. Otherwise, it will sound artificial and fake. 

Great Speeches are Emotional

In my previous article, I have told you that there are two types of people. One type if more inclined towards emotional stimulation, and the second type of people are more logical and rational. A professional public speaker must address both of these groups. At the same time, a great speech is usually a very emotional speech that sparks the emotions of listeners. 

Hence, a great speech doesn't need to be rational and informative in order to be great. Some of the world's greatest public speeches carry no information at all. At the same time, they are very emotional and they kindle emotions in listeners. 

These are some of the main things that make a good speech great. A professional public speaker has a very charismatic personality, he talks about